Sal Taddeo: Do What You Love

Sal Taddeo is a successful New Jersey businessman who lives and works in Rumson. He is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sallee Figs. Sal Taddeo is also the President of his consulting business, Salangi Enterprises, and manages several other endeavors. Since beginning his career decades ago, he has pursued businesses tSalvatore-Taddeohat make him happy and found much success doing so.

If you’d like to do what you love for a living, you’re on the right track. For Sal Taddeo, Sallee Figs has allowed him to pursue his love of raising and selling rare, exotic fig trees to honor his heritage. He sells custom potting systems through Sallee Figs as well, and he is truly doing what he loves. The bonus? His family gets involved with the business, letting him spend extra time with his wife and kids.

Before you can follow the lead of successful entrepreneurs like Sal Taddeo, you need to know what you love doing. From cooking to building houses, everyone has different passions and you will find ones that fit you. It should be something that you’re skilled at and that you truly enjoy doing.

Once you know what you want to do for the rest of your life, you’re ready to look at the market. Once you decide what you can offer, make a business plan, learn as much about starting your own business as you can and get started.

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Sal Taddeo: Construction and Development Expert

Sal Taddeo is well-versed in many businesses as a consultant and president of several corporations. Sal Taddeo is also a real estate agent licensed in the state of New Jersey. Throughout his career, Sal has thought it prudent to learn a variety of skills and industries, including property development and construction. Mr. Taddeo has become an expert in project management and facility operation to help his businesses and business partners along.

Sal Taddeo has immersed himself in property development, zoning regulations, and structural design as a way to expand his business offerings and understand different markets and industries better. He has experience with security surveillance systems as well, all a part of his quest to improve his experience for his business partners and his clients. Mr. Taddeo believes that any construction or property development effort should include design, construction management, and building improvements in one envelope, streamlining the process and avoiding costly overruns with several providers at once.

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Sal Taddeo has worked with many construction and development companies in his long career in New Jersey. For more information, contact him directly at 732.864.4147, or send an email to

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Sal Taddeo: Tips for Your First Business

Sal Taddeo is a New Jersey entrepreneurial businessman who serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of multiple companies. He and his family live in Rumson, and he maintains a careful balance between home life and professional endeavors.

If you hope to be a successful, self-made professional like Sal Taddeo, tips like those below might help you with your first business:

  • Organize

From the first day, keep everything organized. When your business succeeds, you’ll want to have everything from the beginning sorted and comprehensible. Not keeping your files in order is planning for your business to fail.

  • Find a Team

You will eventually need a team for your business. Slowly build a team of people that you know and trust, and don’t try to do everything yourself. An accountant is a good place to start, even if you can only afford to contract one once per month in the beginning.

  • Plan

Sal Taddeo

A business plan sounds daunting to make, but it can help keep you on track. Research making business plans and start yours as soon as possible. Once you’ve completed your business plan, you’ll have a better understanding of what it’ll cost, where you want it to go and how you plan to orient the company culture.

Remember, successful entrepreneurs take time to build their empires. Don’t rush in to things; do as much research as you can before you begin. If you’d like to know more about one of Sal Taddeo’s empires, go to or

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Sal Taddeo: The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

Sal Taddeo has made a living as a successful businessman based in New Jersey. He owns several businesses in the area, such as Salangi Enterprises, LLC, a business consulting firm. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he learned at an early age what it means to make connections in the community so his interests can grow into success over time. As a successful entrepreneur, he of course has plenty of words of advice for new business owners and founders, but his success can be boiled down to his philosophy and attitude.

Sal Taddeo wasn’t afraid to take risks. He has a family, so he was never reckless, but when the time came to make a change and go for the next step, he wasn’t afraid of a little uncertainty. If you’re interested in starting your own business, you’re probably aware of the high rate of failure for most small businesses in the United States. There are plenty of ways to protect oneself and prepare for success. Mr. Sal Taddeo tells younger business owners that they can’t be scared to fail. Instead, they should get prepared and assuage those fears before making the leap.

Sal Taddeo knows that one cannot completely erase the anxiety and hard work that goes into starting and running a small business, but that should discourage would-be business leaders.

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Sal Taddeo: Business Consultant

Sal Taddeo runs a business consulting firm called Salangi Enterprises, LLC. Sal Taddeo works with other small business owners trying to get their firms off the ground or trying to improve their market share. His work has produced results for his clients over time and he continues to find new solutions through his experience running his own businesses, including a fig tree company called Sallee Figs.

Mr. Taddeo stays sharp by practicing what he preaches to his clients as a consultant in his other businesses. Sal Taddeo tells his clients what they need to hear based on the numbers. The adjustments he suggests for them aren’t always easy, nor do they instantly work to turn companies around in a day.

Mr. Taddeo has found over time that the best thing his clients can do for their businesses is rededicate themselves to the discipline and work ethic that got them to where they are in the first place.

Mr. Taddeo works with clients to help them rededicate themselves and their employees or stakeholders to create a synergy that all businesses need. Sal Taddeo has spent many years as a small business owner and knows how to get results for himself and his clients as a consultant. Call him today for more info: 732.864.4147.

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Sal Taddeo: Business Owner and Real Estate Agent

Sal Taddeo is a successful business owner and real estate agent based in New Jersey. Sal Taddeo’s the President of several local companies, including Salangi Enterprises, LLC, a consulting business helping other organizations succeed. Mr. Sal Taddeo also raises fig trees for his Sallee Figs business and is a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey. Mr. Taddeo stays on top of his game by focusing on his business goals at all times and working to improve his business relationships.

Sal Taddeo is an experienced businessman and knows how to form relationships with others who need his products and services. This is more than customer service, because he’s not always trying to sell products, property, or services to everyone he meets.

Sal Taddeo

Mr. Taddeo also has to make proprietary deals with other businesses and convince his associates that their dealings will be mutually beneficial. This takes tact and connections, which Mr. Taddeo has been building up for years.

Sal Taddeo reminds himself that his family is the reason why he works so hard on his businesses and their dealings in the community. He says that he “lives for [his] wife, children, and family.”

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Sal Taddeo: Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Business

Sal Taddeo is an experienced entrepreneur who has started numerous businesses during his career. Sal Taddeo is the President and founder of Salangi Enterprises LLC, which is a consulting firm, and Sallee Figs, who can be reached at or via the company email at His experience allows him to avoid many of the mistakes that beset novice entrepreneurs when they form their own businesses.

Poor Business Planning

Your business plan must be kept concise, with important information being placed front and center for investors and borrowers to find, but this isn’t an excuse to skimp on the details. Doing so may mean you miss something important that affects the prospects of the company going forward, so pay attention to everything conceivable factor.

Not Considering Marketing

Many new business owners, particularly those operating on limited budgets, fail to put proper marketing plans into place. This means that they struggle to achieve exposure early on, which can lead to the failure of the business if the situation continues. Put aside a specific budget for marketing and examine all of the avenues that are available to you to come up with a plan.

Ignoring Valid Criticism

Always remember that as great as your idea may be, there will always be people who can offer criticism. While some of this will not be useful to you, it is important that you pay attention to all of it. In some cases you may find that criticism highlights issues that you hadn’t previously considered, which allows you to make early improvements to the business.

Sal Taddeo is an experienced entrepreneur. He can be reached by calling 732.864.4147.

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