Guide to Becoming a Fire Safety Director

All office and lodging structures in New York City needs to have a Fire Safety Director. Here is a rundown of fundamental steps that should be followed before somebody can become a Fire Safety Director:

Sal TaddeoIn the first place, you ought to check whether you qualify to turn into one. These are the prerequisites that should be met. To qualify you must be no less than 18 years of age, you must comprehend to a sensible degree the English dialect. You must have 5 years of appropriate involvement in flame counteractive action, building administration gear, or a mix of both, or 3 years of experience under the watchfulness of the FDNY (samples: Fire Guard, Building Engineers, Security on the off chance that you had flame unit obligations, Managers with flame detachment obligations).

In the event that you qualify, you then need to take a Fire Safety Director Course by a FDNY certified school and pass their exam. The course comprises of 20 hours of instructional drills and 2 hours of hands-on exhibits.

After finishing and passing the school you, then you can take the FDNY composed test (which you get two opportunities to pass) with a base score of 70%. This is a 100 question objectives test. When you finish this test you get a testament of fruition and you have the capacity to act as a Fire Safety Director in a building until the conclusion of the subsequent step.

Subsequent to finishing your composed test, take and pass an on-site which is a test controlled by the FDNY at the area where you are to become a Fire Safety Director. This test must be sat for within a year of taking the composed test at the FDNY location. On the off chance that you neglect to take the test within a year, you must re-take the FDNY composed test.

After you have completed this steps, you will receive a certificate of fitness mail, certifying you as a Fire Safety Director.

Sal Taddeo is a security conscious individual who is an expert in curbing fire outbreaks and related hazards, he also has a Fire Safety Directors license.


About Sal Taddeo

Sal Taddeo grew up in Brooklyn, New York City in the United States of America. He attended Regina Pacis Grammar School and Bishop Ford High School, he then went to the Institute of Design and Construction where he studied courses such as Facility Operations and Project Management, Methods of Construction and Site Safety, Construction Management, and Zoning and Building Law.
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