Sal Taddeo – Marketing Tips for Realtors

Sal Taddeo is the President and CEO of several companies. He is also a licensed realtor in the state of New Jersey. Real estate is a passion of his that has not lessened over the years. That is why he is always looking for ways to improve his abilities as a realtor. An important part of the real estate business is to have a good marketing plan to increase your customer base. The thing is, real estate is a unique field that requires distinctly different strategies from other business fields.

Sal Taddeo

In the modern age, the face of real estate marketing has changed. One important marketing tip for realtors is to keep yourself mobile and responsive. Being involved in the modern digital age of accessing the internet through mobile devices is essential for business today. You should always be able to post and respond to clients through social media, even while on the go.

It is also important that your website and emails be designed in a mobile-friendly way. This will improve customer experience, widen your service demographic, and create a positive perception and reputation for your business. Having a solid online presence that is mobile-friendly will help you close more deals, faster.

Sal Taddeo, best reached at either, or at, is a business man. That is why he is always on the lookout for new and more innovative ways to run a business. For real estate especially, modern digital marketing has become an essential tool. That is why many professionals are optimizing their website for mobile access and staying active on social media.


About Sal Taddeo

Sal Taddeo grew up in Brooklyn, New York City in the United States of America. He attended Regina Pacis Grammar School and Bishop Ford High School, he then went to the Institute of Design and Construction where he studied courses such as Facility Operations and Project Management, Methods of Construction and Site Safety, Construction Management, and Zoning and Building Law.
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