Sal Taddeo – What it Takes to Run a Corporation

Running a corporation often requires hard work and dedication. Sal Taddeo lives and works in New Jersey and is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of multiple corporations. Sal Taddeo created a consulting firm, Salangi Enterprises, LLC. He also built Sallee Figs so that he could spend more time with his families. Sal Taddeo is a successful business professional, and enjoys taking on new challenges.

Sal-TaddeoRunning a corporation often involves years of business experience. CEOs may have years of experience in business management, project management, business administration, and more. Successful CEOs are often able to create efficient companies that can grow and expand.

Another tip for creating a successful corporation involves networking. The networking process can help find dedicated employees as well as potential investors. Networking can help you gather valuable resources and build a strong professional network as well.

A third tip for running a corporation is focus on marketing. Most CEOs strive to build and expand their companies. A good way to expand is to market your company. A strong marketing campaign may include traditional print advertisements as well as digital advertisements. It could be helpful to create websites such as and

Taddeo has strong interests in a variety of industries. He grows and sells fig trees, and he runs a business consulting firm. He has worked hard to build his career and develop his skills as a business professional. Sal Taddeo runs multiple corporations and enjoys taking on new business challenges. He is a dedicated family man and a focused business professional.


About Sal Taddeo

Sal Taddeo grew up in Brooklyn, New York City in the United States of America. He attended Regina Pacis Grammar School and Bishop Ford High School, he then went to the Institute of Design and Construction where he studied courses such as Facility Operations and Project Management, Methods of Construction and Site Safety, Construction Management, and Zoning and Building Law.
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